How To Treat Impotence – 5 Tips To Help You

How To Treat Impotence – 5 Tips To Help You

Impotence is a huge problem and there are hundreds of thousands of men who are inflicted with this male sexual problem. The term impotence is a wide term which not only includes men who face erectile dysfunction but also men who are not able to make their women pregnant due to lower sperm count, or sperm health.

But this is not a problem that is not curable. There are solutions to help you get over erectile dysfunction and improve your fertility ans potency.

Here are sometips that can be a great help and give you a big boost in bed:

Tip #1: Checkout the root cause and then treat the cause. If the erectile dysfunction is due to hormonal insufficiency or deficiency, external man sex hormone supplements are to be provided. This helps in boosting the men sex hormones in him and may help curing male impotence.

Erectile dysfunction can also result from psychological issues such as stress, depression etc.,. In such a case reducing stress and practising relaxation techniques can be a great help.

Tip #2: Go for some occupational or alternative treatment/therapies. Acupressure/acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage therapy, Thai medicines, Chinese medicines and Ayurveda are reported to have beneficial effects on male reproductive system and its organs. Regular usage of such therapies or treatments helps in boosting the male libido and hence helps in overcoming male impotence.

Tip #3: Many health care providers believe that diet plays a major role in keeping men sexuality healthy. The man has to have dark, green and leafy vegetables and fresh fruits that help providing natural nourishment to the male reproductive system and its organs. Also, increasing milk consumption would be a great idea since science like Ayurveda believes that milk is one of the best foods that increase the sperm count, male libido and helps in overcoming sexual debility. 

Foods that are rich in zinc are good for both your sex drive and testosterone production. Therfore, it is important that you include foods rich in zinc in your diet. Oysters are the best example of scuh foods.

Moreover, you should also have essential fatty acids in your diet. This is because EFA’s are not just necessary for testosterone production but also keep your arteries oiled and encourage good blood circulation. Good blood flow is critical for healthy sexual function in men.

Oily fish is the best example of foods that are a great source of Essential Fatty Acids like Omega 3.

Tip #4: The nature has gifted us with many potential herbs that possess natural aphrodisiac properties and help in boosting the men sex hormones. Regular consumption of such herbs helps in enhancing the men’s sex power. Herbs such as ashwagandha, guduchi, Shilajit, Mucuna (kapikacchu), yasthimadhu (licorice), shatavari (asparagus) etc have been used to treat various health ailments including men sex issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, low sperm count, weak erections etc.

Tip #5: One has to change the lifestyle. It is better to give up any kind of alcohol or tobacco consumption. They all are likely to decrease the sperm count and also to diminish the male libido. Male impotence could be due to some side/unwanted or harmful effects of allopathic (modern) medicines, especially when used for a long term. And therefore, one has to be cautious while undergoing modern medicine therapy for a longer duration.

There are some highly effective ad safe herbal medications that can give you the required thrust when it comes to your sexual performance.

These herbal pills are packed with herbs that have been used for ages to enhance male libido and improve erectile function in men. These pills are safe and unlike prescribed medications they do not have any side effects.

Though there are many herbal pills, the top brands include ProSolution Pills and VigRx Plus

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